15-48 anybody tried it?

2nd gear is too tall for the single line trails. Rather than gearing for second perhaps 15-48 would make first gear do the job. Anybody tried it?

I would rather gear lower ( for st on my xr6 I run a 13 or 14 cs and 50 big ) so I can stay in second and then up shift to third on straights.

15/48 is right on for a moderate rider. if your Hengeveld or childress try 15/45or 46. For the rest of us 15/48 is great!

i agree a 48 rear will definitely help DO IT!! LOL

I run 14/45 but it's the bike not me.

It'll grunt up hills and still go way fast up top.

I run 15/48 but also 15/49 and 15/47. I like 15/49 the best for trail riding, 15/48 for desert but, this is a 680cc bike.

I found 13/48 to be great for single-track. (National Enduros)

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