Clutch Basket and Exhaust questions

My clutch is well and truly stuffed. You can rotate the basket about 3mm without the drive gear moving. I want to fit a Hinson or Talon basket, but the shock absorbing springs arent avaliable as a spare part. I'm worried that if I buy the basket and fit it that there will still be play there due to the worn springs. Anyone done this??

I just got a stock WR exhaust off ebay because it was the right price. It's a bit too quiet, but the YZ pipe is a bit loud. I've heard of changing the insert etc, but the pipe I have is fully welded :thumbsup: Anyone know if the OZ WR pipe is different to the rest of the world?


I would leave it alone unless you want to replace the primary gear and transmission shaft to get rid of the play.

Your bike should be fine for a few more years with only 3mm slop and then you can rebuild the entir engie or buy a new one. :thumbsup:

G'day Hamish, the pipe is dif to the US one, ive got a picture of the setups of the different pipes, im in the same situation with my 99, wondering what to do with the exhaust, im thinking about drilling holes in the rear of the pipe where it is welded to allow more airflow, ill send you the pic and youl see what i mean., PM me with an email address

Cheers - Brett :devil::thumbsup:

I would leave it alone unless you want to replace the primary gear and transmission shaft to get rid of the play

the play is between the basket and the drive gear. I'm guessing that the cusioning springs have worn the basket, which would explain where the alloy in the oil filter has been coming from.

Brett, regarding the pipe. I know a guy with a 450 who cut the end cap off then fabricated a new cap with a larger hole and welded it back on. Looks factory and sounds somewhere between the stock pipe and the YZ pipe

Maybe just replacing the primary gear on the outer hub will eliminate the hub slop but it depends where the play is. :thumbsup:

primary gear and springs arent avaliable as a spare part, and the complete genuine hub is pretty cheap @ $AU300. The Talon hub is worth $400 less discount but has no gears/springs.

Took the WR for a thrash today with the stock exhaust. Man it slow! No torque. (mind you YZ timing and WR exhaust probably arent a great match).Guess I'll just have to put the YZ pipe back on and put up with the complaints

I know how you feel but if you lug the big bike around it is not as loud uncorked! :thumbsup:

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