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Feathering clutch "technique"

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It's not about keeping the engine in the powerband, it's all about controlling smooth traction. Think from the tire contact patch down, not what's above it.

I learned a huge lesson when racing 125s. I was trying to master a flat, hardpacked turn by riding it again and again. At the end of the day my friend's dad offered that I could try their YZ125 - but cautioned that the clutch was slipping.

Yeah, it slipped quite a bit. And I got through that turn quicker and smoother on that dog of a bike, than I had all afternoon on mine.

Smoooooth is the keyword.

Of course you have to replace your tranny fluid often - on my KTM125 I replace it every ride. On my CRF450... I'm doing the same, every ride.


The clutch is about controlling power delivery. Thats why 250F's are better on hardpack tracks because they have less wheel spin then a 125. if you slip the clutch on a hardpack flat turn it'll slow the wheel down and prevent it from spinning, which will prevent it from sliding out. Becareful! 😢

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