Riding 2 Up

I installed an extra set of foot pegs on my BRP for the wife. I did our first desert ride in the Carson Valley last week end. We rode a total of 93 miles mostly dirt roads and 2 track. The biggest problem we had is the seat. My wife kept sliding down so I installed some extra foam on the rear section giving her more padding and changing the angle of the seat. :awww: It helps having extra parts like a seat I bought on e-bay. We hit this fast section which we hit 80+ and she liked it :lol: I told her just hold on and lean forward. I would get a little wheel spin coming out of the turns but the pig ran true :thumbsup: Now the wife wants new riding gear. We bought her a set of boots last night so we are good to go again.

Were planning a trip to Death Valley in Nov-Dec time frame for a dual sport ride. My wife is looking forward to it now because she can explore with me. I would get a lot of lip everytime we head out for a ride but now I can tell her shut-up and hang on :devil:

What pegs did you use? I used to ride double (girl friend on the back) on a YZ400 many years ago and it was a blast whether trail riding, small jumps, hills, practice mx track, oval track, etc. My wife used to ride fairly well, but she was busted up after a nasty mishap on her IT200 and is now super conservative when she rides, but she may like riding on the back of the BRP. I don't think she'll take to 80+ while sitting on the back, but it does sound fun :thumbsup:

I did the same thing. Bought the buddy pegs from Baja Designs(a bit pricy) and now take my wife on trail rides with me. It's hard to tell her about all the cool things you see and experience, she needs to see and experience them for her self, she's not very confident riding her own bike. That's what she tells me anyway. 80+ is a bit risky, but to each their own. Riding double does get a little cramped and yes she seems to slide forward too, but I can live with it. I think sharing your true love of riding with your wife and including her adds bonus points for buying new bikes and equipment. :thumbsup:

my ol lady complains about arm pump after a long ride...I guess she doesnt realize im the one holding on for 2 people!

The one thing I have found is that ever since her first ride on back she doesnt ever look where we are going...

guess hill climbs with boulders and waterfalls at the top scared her a bit.

The only problem I have is ripping out the brake light and turn signal wires from bottoming out the big tire on the fender.

Ahh... this post brings back memories...

I remember when I used to ride 2up way lots... back when I was young and crazy® and my girl (now my wife) LOVED it!! We would ride into the hills around Otay Lakes and watch the illegals outrun the border patrol. We would scurry around Fiesta Island (back when it was open) and race guys (2up) on Ossas. Why, I even remember when I jumped the 4-way stop on top of Dictionary hill 2up.... surely thought that I was gonna lose BOTH kidneys that time! The girl wasn't expecting a street (read motard) style jump OVER the intersection at the top of the hill... Ya, those were the days. Shucks now I cry when the BRP backfires and I get a bruise... :thumbsup:

Getting old ain't for wimps! :devil:

Yeah that's great dude! My wife loves to ride on my bike with me too, but one difference! She rides on the front and hangs onto the crossbar while I drive the bike from the rear. She is small so it's easy to do this. We share the wide pegs I put on the bike.

The reason for this odd passenger position is that my wife loves to take over the controls and drive the bike when we come to smooth, open terrain. It's great letting her take the controls on the easy straights and seeing how excited she gets from driving the bike (of course I keep my hands on the outer portions of the bars, ready to take over in case of a problem).. But she does great, and in no time should be ready to ride a smaller bike by herself with no prob. But she does love the crazy power of my 650R, so it might be difficult to find her a smaller bike which runs as well as this one. There's nothing like rippin' it 90+ on my friend's grass airstrip.


'00 XR650R/ uncorked/jetted/street legal


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