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Problems with stock WR pipe on YZF

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I have an 04 YZ250F and my Ti4 broke last week and I had to send it off to get fixed. We went riding in Cloudcroft this weekend where I needed a spark arrestor so I put a stock WR pipe on it. With the baffle out it runs pretty good for not rejetting (only adjusting the fuel screw). However, when I put the baffle in it runs like crap, won't get going very quickly. I also tried my dad's GYT-R baffle and it wasn't much better. I'm probably going to need one of the baffles in for this coming weekend for a race up there to pass the 94Db sound test. What can I do without rejetting to help this? I went one step down from stock on the main (I can't remember what it is off hand) and the clip is one down from stock. Everything else is stock. The fuel screw is just under one turn out after adjusting it this weekend. With the baffle out this weekend, it was running great in the upper power band and not too bad in the lower except when the climb got steeper, it would sorta bog and I had to work to get it to go. It would sorta lose power in the lower power band.

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