Forks have lost their initial plushness Whats wrong?

I -had- my forks setup perfectly. They soaked up all the small stuff nicely and took big hits just right. My right seal had been leaking and I decided to fix it. Dealer told me that while I was in there, I should replace the inner/outer bushings too. I did the busings, oil seal, dust seal, changed the oil in both forks and set the oil height on both of them (115mm). I used the same weight oil as before, stroked damper rods and outer tubes exactly as the manual says, and did the procedure where you push on the front end with the axle clamp nuts loose to get things parallel. Torqued everything up and they still transfer way too much of small hits up to the bars, and the fork still leaks a little. ??? There is no scoring or nicks in the lower tube.

So, what can change in the forks that would affect the ability to soak up small stuff?

I haven't played with any damping settings because they were fine where they were.

This happened to me a few months ago and it was like hydro lock after 4" to 6" of initial travel. I had to have the forks rebuilt there was junk clogging the valves. Forks were back to plush riding after that! :thumbsup:

Thanks Indy,

When you do a fork oil change from the top only, the valve and shim-stack area doesn't get exposed unless you remove the valve itself from the bottom, so I could have crud there.

What did you get rebuilt? New valves and shim stacks or were they just cleaned out?

John Curea at MX-Tech he does great work and is our TT moderator for the suspenion forum.

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