GYT-R Carbon question

I want an aftermarket exhaust that's lighter than stock, and delivers a real performance increase over the uncorked stainless can. I'm curious if anyone has ever tried the GYTR-carbon exhaust. It's supposed to deliver 3.5 hp bottom end, and 1.5 on top. It's the only exhaust that I can even find a spec for horsepower increase. The Yamaha dealer said there's an insert for it if it's too loud. Thanks.

i have this exhaust on my 02 426. it dose give the bike alot more porwer and wighes roughly half of what the stocker does. I hade to go all the way up to a 180 main jet, and it is very lowd.

Yeah, I heard that thing is nasty loud. The dealer said there is an insert to quiet it down. But I'm sure that will stifle some power too. I might check out the White Bros. E2 also. Thanks Wildo.

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