XR650R Speedo

Has anyone seen a cool aftermarket speedo/tripometer combo for the DualSport guys that have converted our XR650Rs?

On my 600, I picked up a used 70s honda speedo with odometer in it off like a cb350. Calibration is DEAD on at all speeds. Verified with the police speed trap trailers!

I got the speedo off ebay for like $5. Just look for one from a 350cc or larger so the front wheel is about the same diameter.

I bought mine from www.bajadesigns.com for $69 bucks works great!

I bought mine from www.bajadesigns.com for $69 bucks works great!

I bought it from bajadesigns too, but I it does not read the speed anymore. Is there a accessory for it that can connect to the drive cable? The magnet thing does not work for me. I have looked at bajadesigns web page, and it seems there is another cable you can get, but im not sure if it will work in the drive of the xr650r. Anyone know?

The speedo on my 650R is straight off an '85 XR350. Fit is perfect with no modifications necessary. Ordered it new from the Honda shop. Has trip meter and 90mph speedo (I know, the 650 will easily exceed 90, oh well!)


I just bought a speedo from a 650L. We are D/S'n my brothers XR400. Not only does it have a nice troublefree anolog speedo, But also a trip meter and when we get the turn signals and hi/lo beam headlight hooked up we'll have the indicator lights to use. We had a speedo from a 1975 XL100 on his bike and it worked with the stock ODO cable that came on his XR400. SO my guess would be that any speedo from most any year Honda would work with any cable. Baja Designs also sells a OEM Honda speedo. It's kinda pricey at $198.00 :) But if it were me I would rather spend the extra $$$$ and get a simple OEM part than some fancy electronic trip computer. I have no first hand knowlege on the aftermarket trip computers, But seems like a dirtbike in rough terrain is not a good place for electronics :D

I have the remnants of a stock speedo/trip unit. It came on my bike, but the previous owner had a get off and smashed the housing. Even after the housing disintegrated the speedo worked for another year or two. I really want to get another one.

I think if you are like me where crashing is a normal occurance then some kind of guard would be in order to protect the speedo. The biggest thing stopping me from getting another one is the worry about breaking it.

But seems like a dirtbike in rough terrain is not a good place for electronics

Just look at the stock electronic enduro meter from the XR250/500/600. They are pretty much a collectors item because they failed so often.

If you have to get strict DMV approval for dual sport reg. then note that the 80's stock speedo from an XR won't pass since it doesn't have a permanent record of mileage (only the 99-and-roll tripmeter). But other than that the fit is perfect, and the look is totally stock.

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