How much is dealer invoice?

Is there anybody here who can share the actual dealer invoice pricing for a 2001 or 2002 XR250R, XR400R, XR650R?

How much did you pay for your new XR250R, XR400R, XR650R?

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I looked into a 2001 back in june and found the best price from a dealer in Salem Oregon. He had 2 at the time and was asking 3750.00.

Thank you Bike Pilot for sharing the price on the XR250R. I'm looking to buy a couple bikes over the next few months or sooner and will likely start with the XR650R after I get some first hand experience riding it in the next few weeks (hopefully).

I've always had 2 strokes except for one Yamaha TT500 back in the late 70's or early 80's, but I knew the day would come when a four stroke would be my only choice. Every article I've read about the XR650R has a lot of good things to say about this bike and I can't wait to try one out.

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I also had a friend purchase the "invoice Pricing" from the internet. It reflected about 600.00 between invoice and MSRP. That was for the 650r.


Was that for a XR250, XR400 or XR650? That's an incredibly good price for the XR250, but if you got a new XR650R for that price, then I'm even more jealous.

Gosh, I'm even jealous that you're in Colorado. My wife and I had plans to move to CO years back because we liked it so much. She has family in Mesa, Golden , CO Springs, Gunnison, etc. We actually bought a bit of land in Woodland Park & Flying Cloud about 10 or so years back, but we had to sell it for various reasons. The riding there must be fantastic!

Brand new XR650R

Yes riding here is great, but I look forward to getting over to Moab.

Yow! That's by far the best price I've heard of for a new XR650R.

My wife received notice yesterday that she'll be laid off tomorrow, which sadly means I'll be delaying the purchase of my XR650R for a while if I have to pay $4,200+.

'IF' I was able to find a new 2001 XR650R for $3299 like you did, the pressure would be just too much for me. I'd have to cave in and buy it for cash right then and there tongue.gif

Next week, I'm going to hit up a few local Honda dealers to see if they'll sell me a new 2001 XR650R for a similar price. I'll bring all green cash with me and see what they have to say. I just hope it works out grin.gif

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