03 yz450f Spring rate????

I weigh 215. Is stock fork spring too soft??

Check the last section "Tuning" from your manual. All spring rates for differnt rider weights are there.

I weigh 215. I went with .48 fronts, world of difference. I also went with 5.8 rear, I think it's a little too stiff from the way I have to set the bike up. But I like it. I'll probably change to a 5.6.

On MX-tech sping calculator a .479 fork sping rate was

recomended, but race tech only has .49 for '04. They were better than stock for my 225 lbs., but caused arm pump in the whoops. Last week I swapped out one stock spring ,.46,with the .49 and the difference was awsome!!! The bike turns so much better now and it is easier to go fast now. I also have 5.6 rear spring with 100mm rider sag.

Yes i would think that you may have to spend some$$$$$$ here!!

My tuner said that I was on the bubble and I weigh 180 w/o gear. After the changes the bike did handle much better. Well worth the money!! :thumbsup:

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