Sand Paddle

Never riden at Glamis, but we go to Little Sahara state park in Oklahoma and have a blast on 2 wheels. I ride a 98 WR400 and have a blast in the sand. By reading the previous replies to your post the sand is different in Glamis. I don't know how our sand compares to yours, but you don't need a paddle tire to have fun in the midwest. I use a paddle tire only to get a little edge. I have owned a many XR600s and don't see any reason you won't have a blast and always be waiting on your buddies on 4 wheels like I do. One suggestion - night riding in the dunes is more fun on 4 wheels.

Why Ping when you can thump!!

I have numerous bikes I have both 4 wheels and 2 wheels. One is an 87' xl600 I have ridden glamis before but I call St Anthony sand dunes and little Sahara home. They are in my opinion the best dunes you can ride on. My XL did just fine yes it was not as fast as my yz400 or raptor 700 but it held its own. As for finding a paddle tire for it good luck. A good alternative is to take a fresh knobby and cut off some knobs until you have what resembles a paddle. You would be surprised how well that works. Especially at places like the knolls in Utah where you are ridding sand, trails and hard pack.

WELCOME to TT buddy, but HOW in the world did you dig up a 11 1/2 year old thread??????? you went deep to post on an OCT 2001 thread eh?? LOL

You can't ride heavy 4 strokes in the sand with knobby tires? Someone forgot to tell Marc Coma!


nice photoshop pic.......

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