It's now on it's official! look under preview '05 bikes!!! :thumbsup:

It looks sweet but I won't be trading in the 650 just yet.

Definitely wont be trading my new 650R. I've ridden the 450s mx bikes and something about the 650 got me addicted. There is still no replacement for displacement! :thumbsup:

to hogh maintenance for my likeing

rumor has it theres lots more metal in that motor...bearings, crank, piston, valves are all (supposedly) different than the R. Different meaning much more XR than CRF. Idea being it wont be the high maintenance motocrosser with lights we all fear...lets just wait and see.

Since it doesn't seem to be made street legal (unlike the KTM motard SMC 625)... HOWEVER it is a green sticker bike (the 450X)

I'll keep my '00 XR6fittyR (the desert Cadillac) as my street warrior.

However... it sure is purrty.

I hope it does employ a lot of the XR traits but if the 250X is any indication I do not see it. There was a lot of emphasis put on emmissions but reliablity wise the guys on the 250 forum are seeing the same problems on the X as the R. I too like my 650 and am keeping it but the '05 I'm getting is the 450 R model. More power, less weight, and less crap to break. :thumbsup:

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