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05 honda trx450r jetting issues

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ok i will start from the begining, i had a perfect running stock unit at first, then went had a honda tech install the hrc kit in it, *on the side work* good guy. the first thing i noticed was the bike ran great, when picked up and rode down the steet a few times.

went riding the next day and noticed the engine would stall from a stop, meaning when taking off in 1st it would make pop type noise in the carb area and die.(backfires basicly)

restarts fine may go few more stops and does the same thing again.

ok now here is what i have checked 1.made sure the main jet was replaced it was 185 in it. needle set on 3rd clip.

went to little sahara last weekend and brought a new pipe kit yoshamira and installed it runs great but still have the backfire on take off only at times .

my question is what are options of the problem caused by these changes?

this engine runs great on accel from buttom to top

no hesisation or bogs on accel just the backfire in carb at times

i think the real issue for me is i am always in the lead for my friends and i dont want to have them come around the bend and hit me because my engine dies.

help please and sorry long

just tring to give good details


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I would aggree, richen the idle mixture with the fuel screw and also set the idle speed a little higher.


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