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Another Baffle/Filter Question

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04 CRF fiddy: I have a UNI open filter, Atomic 50s cam from Holeshot Motorsports, got rid of the choke butterfly and I also hacked off the little resonator thing from the exhaust. It still has the 7/8 inch or whatever pipe exiting the canister, but the pipe that actually stuck into the center of the can is gone now. I just put in a 62 jet and to get rid of the hesitation when i jump on the throttle, the needle clip is now on the lowest notch. it was third from lowest before the baffle and jet and ran perfect. the problem is that there is still a tad of hesitation, and it refuses to idle for more than 30 seconds. Whenever it finnaly caughs and dies from idling, the plug is jet black. I moved the needle clip back to third-from-bottom and it idles like it should but the hesitation is back. Is this a pilot jet problem or is am i overjetted for this setup? I spent 2 hours with different combos of needle, airscrew, and idle settings but nothin has solved all of the probs.

Sorry for the long description but it's better than being yelled at for too little info right?

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