What's the deal with a 50 state XR650R?

Now that I'm getting more serious about purchasing a XR650R, I'm hearing conflicting stories about registering a new bike in California. I've heard that if I buy a 49 state XR, then I can't register it in California or get a green sticker. What's the thruth behind this?

What's so different about the California XR650R's? Are they just more congested/detuned than the 49 state XR's (exhaust restriction & carb settings)?

Is there a list of differences posted somewhere?

I have not heard of a xr650 that was not able to dual sport in CA. In fact most people buy them with a street plate from the dealer. We have made the DS kits for most bikes and that is all you will need. Check us out at www.trickdualsport.com

It appears one the only ways a 49 state XR can be registered in CA is if it is purchased as a "used" bike and is brought in with at least 7,500 miles on it. Somebody from the SoCalDualSport Yahoo group pointed this out to me.

Then somebody on the XR650R Yahoo group responded who went though this process with a 49 state bike. He said he obtained a sticker that's needed on the rear fender that states something to the effect that the bike meets California's air quality requirements. Then he took his bike for inspection to the DMV office, and then had to go to the CHP for inspection since the bike was Dual Sported. He said the DMV tech inspected the sticker, but that was about it and was then done with the process.

Here's the link to the California DMV for anyone interested. http://www.dmv.ca.gov/faq/osregfaq.htm

Thank you Trick Dual Sport for your response. Seems like a good niche you have there and I'll consider your fine products when I 'finally' get my XR 650R.

mad.gif Looks like my XR may be on hold for a while as I just found out about an hour ago that my wife will be part of a workforce reduction this Friday. She has 19.75 years of service at this company and was hoping to get her 20 years in there. Dang it all mad.gif , especially because I just found a new 2001 XR650R for only $4,200 cash frown.gif

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