DS Shopping

Hello All,

Just joined and I'm in the market for a Dual Sport bike. I've heard some good things about the DRZ 400S and wanted to talk w/ some owners before I purchase. I probably won't be ready until this spring. I sat on one last night at the local Suzuki Dealership, seat seemed kinda firm compared to the DRS 650 parked next to it.

I'm looking at all the factory offerings including a XLR650 and am even considering a DS kit to legalize a off road bike, like a Yamaha WR 426. Sorry, but all I've ever owned is Yamaha. It's a shame they don't offer a decent DS. I live in the People's Republic of Northern Virginia so quiet and stealthy are important.

I'd like to be able to commute to work say 80 miles round trip. I expect my percentage of use would be 70% road and 30% off road. I want something that's light enough to load on my pickup and take with me for a weekend getaway, run to the store for errands, trail ride w/ my 8 year old who's taking an interest in the 76 YZ 80 lurking in the garage, explore some gravel roads, trails and maybe hit a couple of small jumps, I'm 38, 6', 160 lbs.

Any comments appreciated.


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