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CHM Ovate: first impression

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I recently installed a CHM ovate pipe on my bike. I spent a weekend at Motogrande (an outdoor track in Casa Grande, AZ). Motogrande is not a typical motocross track. More like a supercross track. It's tight with lots of big jumps followed by immediate turns followed big jumps followed by immediate turns followed by...

My seat of the pants dyno says it makes small gains at every rpm and more substantial gains at mid to high rpms. It doesn't feel like it loses to the stocker at any rpm. The bike runs noticably leaner with the pipe so there may be some additional power to be gained from fine tuning the jetting.

The sound level is slightly more than stock. It's throatier and has more bass, but not at all obnoxious. It sounds really cool and unique. An improvement over stock - neighbors might not agree.

It looks really sweat. I particularly like the color of the stainless steal header.

I paid about $415 shipped I wouldn't call it a bargain or a rip off. I got what I paid for. I wouldn't trade it for a pro circuit or an fmf and they both cost substantially more.

Fit and finish - it bolted right up with only one issue. The muffler sticks out a hair further than stock and makes aligning the right side number plate a little more difficult.

It weighs about a 1/2 a pound less than the stock system.

If I had to complain... It lacks a heat shield. It could be lighter. If it was a hair more oval shaped then lining up the # plate wouldn't be an issue. It could put out more power (of course the trade off would be a much louder db rating).

To recap - it looks great, sounds great, it's reasonable priced, it adds significant boost, it's fit and finish isn't quite as good as stock, but not bad. Oh, almost forgot... it comes with a quickly removable U.S.F.S approved 'screen type' spark arrestor (the best part is the "U.S.F.S Approved" sticker stays on even when the arrestor is off). I give it a B+

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