650R - Power Up Kit - Part # ??

Can someone tell me the part # of the power up kit, the piston, cam kit. My local Honda dealer tried to find it with the number that was in the "Dirt Bike" story this last summer and had no luck. I was there while he called Honda and all they knew about was the muffler tip, carb boot kit.

Has anybody tried the piston,cam change? What do you think?---Thanks for the help

Check out this web site that sells Honda parts. The following link has the details and part numbers for the XR600 power up kit, but they could probably tell you any PN#'s you need for your XR650.



Honda releases XR650R HRC Power-Up Kit

I found it!!!

TORRANCE, CA — American Honda is pleased to announce the availability of the all-new XR650R HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) Power-Up Kit. Designed for competition, the Power-Up Kit brings HRC's renowned development and engineering expertise to riders seeking the latest edge in big-bore open-class competition.

The XR650R HRC Power-Up Kit features a high compression piston (including rings and clips), camshaft assembly with decompressor, cam chain assembly, stiffer clutch springs and all the necessary gaskets to reassemble the engine. Because the Power-Up Kit is designed exclusively for competition, it is sold without warranty. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) is $999.99 and the kit can be ordered through any authorized Honda motorcycle dealer while supplies last.

XR650R HRC Power-Up Kit ordering information: Honda Code 6638514 (NPS # 06130-NLB-010), MSRP $999.99

For further information, contact the nearest authorized Honda motorcycle dealer.


FYI, the servicehonda link above sells this kit for $898.74.

hey Dutch, are you sure you want more power?

I think training wheels, bumpers, and more protective riding gear your be your first move.

Hey guys ... quick question about the stiffer clutch spring. Why? and what advantages/disadvantages.

My bike has about 10k mi on it, and rolling on hard in 3/4/5, feels like the clutch is slipping. At first I thought it was slight wheelspin, but at a recent open dyno day, the dyno guy said he picked up clutch slip (without me prompting him)

Any toughts..thanks!

Berserker, this thread is almost nine years old and the other one is over six years old. Instead of resurrecting a bunch of old threads by asking the same question about clutch springs, start a new thread if the search feature does not first answer your question.

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