Power up kit - Anybody tried it??

I'm looking for a winter project.


I'm running the full HRC power up kit and it is great. Slighly more low end monster mid range and more over rev than the stocker. I pulls like crazy mid to top and top is out there if you run a XR's only ignition which extends the limiter. This bike is capable of eye watering speeds.

If you only trail ride the hop up parts are fine if you are a speed freek then the HRC kit is the hot ticket.

I do run a mixture of race and 91 octane fuel in my bikes. 1.5 gallons of race to 3.5 gallons of 91. I also fuel up a the pump on longer rides which slighly mixes down the octane and have never had any problem with detonation or pinging.

I installed my kit last winter/spring and have about 2000 miles on it with no problems at all.


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Thanks for the reply Clark, I'm looking at making a Motard-trail XR. I go to the Smoky Mountians a couple of weeks each year and run the gravel fire roads and some of the paved roads. The group down there I run with include a modified CR500, KTM520, CR250's and who knows what else is going to show. I believe the 650R with this kit would be the hot set up. - can you tell me what other modifications you have made to your motor - Header? carb?

If anybody else out there has any ideas as to how to make this project successful I'd like to hear them.


I don't know if you've seen this article titled "MAKING THE 650 RUN RIGHT", but it's an excellent article with some good tips. The link I provided is to the last page, but you can click the "Page 1" link to read the whole article if you find this last page interesting.


Like you, I'll soon be exploring options such as the PowerUp kits etc, as I plan on buying my bike next week if everything works out. So far, I've got a dynomite price & my green sticker worries are now behind me. Now all I need is to work past the issues of my wife getting laid off today and I'll be ready to order, which is likely next week grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

AND...here's another very interesting article titled "15 set-up mods your XR650 is begging for".


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Originally posted by Dutch:

I'm looking for a winter project.

You need a winter project. To bad for you we are down here riding. Sounds like you need to come back down here for some more lessions My wife said she wasn't to busy she could teach you how to ride.

You may have noticed that I didn't even mention that clapped out XR600. Now if a certain wispy young nurse,(who rides an XR350), asked me real nice, I won't hurt you too bad.

Does the power up kit raise the compression any? What is included in the kit? The power up kit isn't the baffle and jet kit, right? :)

The XR650R HRC Power-Up Kit features a high compression piston (including rings and clips), camshaft assembly with decompressor, cam chain assembly, stiffer clutch springs and all the necessary gaskets to reassemble the engine. Because the Power-Up Kit is designed exclusively for competition, it is sold without warranty. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) is $999.99 and the kit can be ordered through any authorized Honda motorcycle dealer while supplies last.

XR650R HRC Power-Up Kit ordering information: Honda Code 6638514 (NPS # 06130-NLB-010), MSRP $999.99

Will the power up kit work with 92 octane pump gas or is it a race gas kit? :)

Well Tshea - my guess would be yes it would run on premium pump gas. This is based on years of experience with YZ & WR 4 strokes. Combustion chamber shape means more than compression ratio and the big XR is a modern design with an efficient shape. BUT - that is my guess - nothing more.

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Bad Bob, when are you going to install the HRC 628 kit on the shelf in your garage. I think your scarred. Maybe you should consider the power-down kit, part #0001SLOGUY4U.

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