Convert an R to E-start?

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knew how much work it would be to convert an R to an E-start. I am assuming most of the L's stuff would be pretty much bolt on but do not want to consider it if it is super expensive or a big headache. Thanks!

There has been a few posts about this, Baja Designs makes a kit for over 800 bones.

The 650R is a much different bike than the 650L. The L model is basically a detuned air cooled XR 600R with a steel frame, completely different suspension, steel tank, ~70 lbs heavier, etc. It's a great bike for its intended purpose, but there's not much you can interchange between these two bikes. The R model is a liquid cooled aluminum framed off road bike with completely different suspension, completely different engine, etc.

Your best bet to convert the R model to e-start is through Baja Designs as mentioned above, but its close to $900 for the kit plus installtion.

Yeah, right after I posted I headed over to XRonly and saw the E start kit. I do not have an XR just yet, I have been looking for the right one the past month or so to motard and I think kicking that beast to life several times a day would get tiring very quick...I am lazy so while it seems expensive it might not be that unreasonable after a month or so. :thumbsup:

Thanks, at least now I know I for sure want to go with an R version. My last motard was a DRZ and I went the safe route with the S model and it really lacked the kind of pep and performance I was looking for, I definitely do not want to go down that road again. :devil:

Just get an Edelbrock carb. Starts first kick, every time. Even after a crash yesterday & bike laying almost upside-down for at least 30 seconds. Amazing. Just the ease of starting justifies the Edelbrock's cost, but you also get much better low-end acceleration, better throttle response, slightly better fuel mileage... and NO down side.

My buddy was also on a BRP with a stock carb- after seeing my bike start so easily all day, he ordered one as soon as he got home.

IMHO, this makes the weight penalty and the extra expense of the electric start completely unjustified.

I have the Baja Designs electric start kit installed on my XR650 and the Edelbrock carb. My Edelbrock started having problems after 4 months and I finally mailed it back to them 2 days ago. I have had no problems with my Electric Starter. I do like the way Edelbrock improved the starting after dumping it and I enjoyed the smoother acceleration but Im not convinced it added anything to the bottom end. Don't get me wrong, the Edelbrock was a terrific add on until it started stranding me in the middle of nowhere. I can't wait to see how it works when I get it back. Right now Im back to the old dependable stock carb.

Some guys simply do not get why someone would want an electric starter on a bike that kick starts as easy as the XR650R. I suspect they are professional riders who never get themselves in situations where an electric starter saves the day. For the rest of us humans an electric start is a nice investment. :devil:

By the way I don't look at it as a weight penalty. When your bike weighs 277 lbs. dry and 300+ when all the fluids and fuel are added, 12 to 15 lbs is meaningless. I can understand someone complaining about weight when your used to riding a little motocross bike but not when what you ride is already heavy. In fact the electric start on a heavy bike becomes a huge plus not a penalty. 300+ lbs without an electric start, 315 with an electric start. Thats a no brainer in my opinion. :thumbsup:

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