WANTED: Stock muffler for XR600R

I am looking for a stock rear section (muffler) to fit a 1993 XR600R.

I have one. Also a stock white tank Brand new purple Renthall bars, an old speedo, some sprockets, skid plate air filters? what else. Have to go look.. Send me your E mail. Venturov@aol.com

I just put a hotdog muffler brought from a car muffler shop for about USD$10.00.

They are the same inturnal construction as most aftermarket pipes (straight through perforated tube with packing each side) but a bit heavier. Still not as heavy as a stocky.

I welded it to the existing pipe. The only thing I had to do was play with the outlet size and shape to balance back pressure and sound output. A quick check of the jetting and I was done.

Just as good as an aftermarket pipe!!!!

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