'82 XR200R

My old XR that's been in boxes for the last 4 or 5 years is now rebuilt, all put back together and has been ridden several miles now. Reworked valves, new piston, bored just enough to get out the old nicks, rebuilt shock, rebuilt forks, frame repainted, and I even rigged up a high-low beam on the original headlight. It sure does better off road than my '00 DRZ, but I guess I'll sell it pretty soon, I really need dual-purpose,and I've got other bikes to keep up with. Just thought I'd let somebody else know!

My girlfriend has an '83 XR200 and I have an '01 DRZ. I am wondering why you say the XR is better off road than the DRZ. In my opinion the only type of trail it would be better on is one where I am carrying the bike instead of riding it.

She wants to get rid of her XR so maybe we can make a deal... you get her XR and she gets your DRZ, after all the XR is better off road right? :)

It's better off-road because it's lighter and simpler. My DRZ is an 'S' and would not handle the ledges the XR has gone off, or the endo's, no lights to bust or radiators to shred. But (as my previos post states) I need a dual purpose machine and with less mountain riding here(I think because owners are sick of 4-wheeler guys dumping their beer cans) and I don't have the time to ride in the rough remote areas, I don't need the XR any more.Had an XR650L but had problems with it. I use my DRZ to ride from place to place checking on my livestock and fences. But my XR would be great for someone that had time to ride trails, I don't so I don't need it or your girlfriends.

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