Fram oil filters look bad!

This is just FYI for anyone who cares. In prep for my first oil change I picked up a Fram oil filter at Checkers even though I stopped using them on my car because Walmart filters made by Champion looked a hell of a lot better and were cheaper.

I also purchased a OEM Honda filter for close to $2 more for comparrison. If you havn't done this you will see the honda paper element is much thicker, and tightly secured. The honda filter was also a bit heavier and looked better fabricated. Overall when you compare the 2 the Honda looked like a much higher quality! I think I will use the Fram for the next oil change since I plan on changing again shortly their after using the Honda Filter.

Also noticed on my DR350 that K&N oil filters look top notch.


I had some green box HiFloFiltro filters kicking around for a while. I assumed they were no-name mystery items and so never used them. Just the other day I did a search on the name, and it comes up claiming that they are TUV German spec approved and apparently OEM for VOR, TM and Vertemati. They have funky red filter paper in a green box with a sphere on it. I can't say there was anything about the filter that appeared sub-standard or anything like that, so maybe I was hasty on my initial judgement. A search on TT didn't show anyone badmouthing them either. Who knows...

They are mentioned here. And get a glowing review (or just an ad in disguise) here.


I use the K&N on my bike and use wix on my automobiles,of whom that may concern.

Never cared for fram imho.

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