Used Baja Kit For Sale! - $329

I have a brand new Baja Kit for an XR650R if anyones interested. It's in perfect shape. Has all the components contained when originally shipped to me from Baja Designs - including the pressure sensitive rear brake light switch.

Only $329 Delivered

Why pay $429 and wait 4 weeks for a new one when it's gonna get dirty and scratched anyway?

Call my office at 805 692 6890

or email me ( for details or questions.

Visa/MasterCard gladly accepted.

why pay $329 , when the kit is a piece of

crap ? i had one of their kits on my xr600 .

the taillight socket wouldnt stay together ,

both rear turn-signals broke , no not from

crash damage , but from vibration . the

horn quit . basically the only thing left

from the kit on my bike ,is the headlight ,

and wiring harness . if i make another bike

street legal , i will just buy a stock tail-

light to tail-brake light conversion kit .

put on the acerbis mirrior , make the stock

headlight into a high-low beam , and i would

be good to go , for a whole lot less money .


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