I have spent over a year reading the posts on this forum prior to buying a Dirt bike. It takes a long time for me to make my mind up, and all the bikes on the market these days i can't believe all the bikes! Well due to the fact i knew i wanted a 4 stroke and something i could street also helped a lot. But this site has helped me so much i had to thank everyone for all the posts on here. I ended up with an o4 xr 650 r it's been licensed for street in California which took an act of God also been uncorked and just put the quicksilver pumper on which is killer!! that thang is great. Anyway Thanks everyone even and i am still looking for that post RE: taking the smog off ie the thang on the right side of the rad and hoses. Have a great one i feel like i owe you guys lunch or something. RIDE FAST RIDE SAFE.

Congrats on the bike :thumbsup:

When is lunch? :thumbsup:

04 with Cali plates?

Sounds like you have something to teach US!

Anyway - welcome !

Glad to hear you bought an XR650R. Please don't offer a bunch of gearheads food for our advice, though. Then it will be virtually impossible to shut us up :devil: Enjoy the bike, I know you will. :thumbsup:

You will love it. :thumbsup:

I appreciate the fact that you took a long time to reach your decision, so did I. You have chosen wisely. The BRP is the best dual sport big bore bike bar none. :thumbsup:

Enjoy your ride and enjoy TT.. :thumbsup::devil:

I do :awww:

Welcome to da club! :thumbsup:

Enjoy! :devil:

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