450f over a 250f ? Advice please.

I ride a 250f and am considering a 450f. I weigh 170 , 44 years old and don't race. I ride mostly on the track and some trails. I've never been totaly happy with the power on the 250. I've spent a lot of time on the mods and jetting and it's still boggy. My concern about the 450 is that it may have too much power for my weight and skill and I might be more likely to get hurt. I rode one this week and loved it. So I would like your feedback on things like is it harder to handle because of more weight, is there a better year model to get, what mods are important, etc.? I'm looking at '03's in the $3800 dollar range. Thanks in advance for your input.

You have several answers in your cross post at the 250f forum. BTW, I forgot to mention that I weigh 185, and I was 44 quite a while ago.

I weight a buck forty soaking wet and i never was impressed with the 250Fs power...get a 450. You WILL be much happier!! No such thing as a bike too powerful! :thumbsup:

But seriously though...you will notice that the 450 is a bit harder to manuver around a MX track. It will wear you out a little faster too...at least it does for me. Part of the reason i switched back to a two stroke was i wanted the power of the 426/450 class, but the lightweight and handling of the 250Fs...not that the 450 isnt a great bike....its FAST, but it takes more of a toll on you. Try one out...im sure youll like it.

Try riding the 450 for a longer period, not just try it. It is tiring you out unless you are in great shape MUCH sooner than 250. At your (our) age and your weight 250 is much more fun and not at all slower. If you go for 450, do not take '03; it is a beast and has poor suspension. You need major changes in suspension and changes to smoothen out the character of the power delivery. We went for Öhlins and Rekluse for my friend's '03. Look for a '04 if you still want a 450 after testing it more. I ride 450 because it is bullet-proof and needs nothing but a new bar and decent chain from box, then you just ride and ride with normal service. No valve issues, no bogging, no nothing, mere power and just fun. But I envy the lightness and handling of a 250... but then, I do not race (just some 2-3 hour enduros) seriously and so what if my friends are quicker, this is only a sunday hobby for me and some time spending with my kids and friends. I'm sure the bogging can be solved with your 250.

Thanks everyone for your input. I have found since my post much other prevoius discussion on the matter and have gleaned a lot from it as well. I have the Power Now plate drilled, the JD jetting kit, the grey wire mod and a 42PJ. It is still not making the power I think it should. I forgot to mention that I have a WR. I'm wondering now if the sprocket ratio could be part of the problem. I just got but haven't installed yet the smaller leak jet and different AP. Maybe that will help some as well. It is hard to forget the 450 after having ridden it though! Thanks again.

Get the 450, everyone in our class (40+) gets the "cheater" bike so why not you? But seriously, I have the luxury of riding both every weekend because my brother has a 250f. The only difference for me is the 250 seems to rev quicker and I need to shift it more around the track. I an in decent shape so I really dont feel that the bigger bike wears me out. It certainly helps to have that extra power when I need to make a jump after a lazy mistake! :thumbsup:

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