has anyone tried out the iCAT ignition mod? 4strokes.com did a product review of it on 2 XR400's... they gave it a 5/5 rating!!! has anyone else reviewed this product? they stated they were skeptical at first, yada,yada,yada... but it gave the bike a "bored-out" feeling! now that I am skeptical about. but anyway just wanted to get some feedback from real people, not trying to push a product... :thumbsup:

I started to start a new thread but ran across this old one some if may be redundant but the link in the above post doesn't tell about its function...


Hey All I ran across this. http://www.4strokes.com/reviews/icat/

and its site is, http://www.icatusa.com/index.htm

But @ $200 what is it? is it Gold?

I have heard of something similar which is actually an inline resistor or capacitor or some electrical terminology but I don't know if this is the same thing or not! But it seems that it has to be something similar that maybe able to be made cheaper! any ideas or input?



I ran across this site http://www.usenews2.org/group/rec.motorcycles.dirt/article-546394.html

Looks like may be a $200 Crock???

I did search it and there are tons of post on it...but what is it is all I want to know. All the post on it say good things but none about how...I want to build one for cheap! I'm sure there are you pretty smart fellers out there. any ideas? thanks

JT :cry:

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