Unrelated.. any1 seen the Ghostrider 2 DVD?

This dude is out there!

Turbo Busa streetfighter that does roll on wheelies from 170MPH!

I stole the below link from another forum, check it out!

Link to section of DVD

That is one of the most awesome vid's I have seen. :thumbsup: There is one bit where the guy on the R1 is tucked down under the screen, and you can see the digital speedo stuck on 199MPH.... then, the turbo'd 'Busa comes past on the back wheel...... :awww::devil::lol:

if I owned that bike I would be dead...period.

I can't seem to get the link to work, It says connecting but never gets any further then that :thumbsup:

I saw the first Ghost rider video and that guy is completely insane ( I mean off the charts!) :thumbsup: or has more lives than the devil himself! I can only imagine his next video. I am waiting for the box set when he finally pust his spurs up. :devil:

I can't seem to get the link to work, It says connecting but never gets any further then that :thumbsup:

It's a 40mb download. Try right clicking it, and selecting save as fromt he menu and let it download in the background. It's a pretty fast server for me, but you're on the other side of the world. :devil:

GR kicks ass... I came really close to preordering the new one. I'll just buy it when it comes out.

It works for me down load or streaming. :thumbsup: He is completely insane! Unless you have been on a fast bike at 170 plus mph ( I have on my R1) you dont have an appreciation for the wind and turbulence effects. To do wheelies at these speeds is beyond my ability to understand how he controls it. :devil:

i own the first dvd, anyone know if the seconds available in aus?

Yep, they're all (3 I think now) available in Oz. PM me, and i'll tell you who stocks 'em. :thumbsup:

hey guys,

Not to clever in the IT department side of the brain,

keeps asking for a codec when trying to open. Ive done a search and installed DIVX 5, but still don't work...

any idears :thumbsup:

try getting directx 9

it works with PowerDVD also

That should work. I think windows uses direct show to play mpg files and directx shoudl update that.

You coud also try getting the latest Windows Media Player and the codec pack for it. That should also do it.

Divx will have ne effect at all for an mpg.

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