Opinions on what is best bike for Michigan trails in Manistee Nat,l Forest ( CCC )

Dutch: Thanks, I printed an application for the CCC of Michigan, and I am going to join.

That site leads to a lot of information.

When my sons were just kids, we used ot go to Whiskey Creek to ride (it was jusr for motorcycles then)....

That started us riding in the area. Now this year my grandkids are old enough to ride, and it looks as if we are all getting back into dirt riding...

I missed it... I have been riding street bikes since 1989 (Harleys), I thought I was too old to ride in the woods, until last weekend when we all went back to Manistee and rode the "O" trail with the kids. I guess you never forget!

Thanks again for the information....

On another subject!

I am looking for opinions on what are good newer model years (used) dirt bikes to ride in the type of trails and woods in Michigan.

Something that complies with all the regulations.....

All input will be appreciated.

Dual sport?

Or Honda XR400, XR250, Yamaha WR400???


Bigger or smaller?

I think I want to change to a 4 stroke.

I am 6 ft & about 200lbs....

I have run enduros with both Husky WR390 & the Penton 175.....

I always seemed to do better on the Penton 175...

I am 59 years old....

all opinions appreciated...


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