protection question/poll

guys i am getting back into riding after 20 years on a yz450f, i have a good helmut and boots but what else do you guys suggest or use, after 5 trips to the track i have a nice strawberry on my forearm and a bruise the size of a grapefruit on my hip, i don't plan on racing, i do plan on some kind of chest protector, what else should i consider without feeling like a linebacker?

Some other things you may want.


MX Pants......I would say not required but highly recomended


Kidney Belt...Not required but might make you feel better after

neck Roll....Not required but....You Never Know

Oh BTW if you have a 450 and are going to the MX track on a regular basis you will want to race sooner or later. Vet Class is a blast :thumbsup:

I personally wear boots, MX pants (vented) w/velcro hip pads, MX jersey (vented, long sleeves), knee pads, elbow pads, chest protector with spine padding, helmet, goggles, kidney belt, gloves and wouldn't mind a neck roll. Lots of guys swear by knee braces. Also many people don't think knee or elbow pads are necessary but mine have saved me many many times. As long as it doesn't affect your ability to ride, you can't be too protected in this sport.

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