2003 XR650L losing idle...

Several times in the hills yesterday my bike lost it's ability to idle and the very low end of the RPM band was rough. The high end RPM was fine. I let it sit a bit and then started it again and with a puff of black smoke - it was fine again.It did this 4 times and then was fine the rest of the day - any ideas what happened? Thanks

Dont know if u tried this already but try turning the little knob that sticks out of the carburator (i think its the left hand side.) while the bike is running. You should hear it idle faster or slower depending on which way u turn it. Hope this helps. :thumbsup:

Bluerock- stone stock? The dreaded DynoJet jetting kit? Rejetted with keihin jets? Detail your setup- there's a few things it could be.

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