Dented bottom of crankcase and leaking oil, help!!!

I went into the garage today and noticed a puddle of oil around my bike on the stand. After giving the bike a good clean and inspection, I noticed that the skidplate, just in front of the drain plug, had taken a good hit. With the skidplate off, it appears that I have pushed in the bottom of the left (side with the oil drain bolt) crankcase slightly (now about 1/8th inch concave between the oil drain plug and the next bolt forward) and where the two sides of the crankcase no longer line up appears to be the location of the seeping oil. Is there any fix to this or do I just order another crankcase? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance,

Without seeing a picture it's hard to say; but if it looks OK structurally and the only leak problem is that the two surfaces don't match any longer, then you may be able to split the cases and re-seal them with some good sealer of some kind. That said, the safest and most reliable fix would be a new case half.

Thanks for the quick reply. I've looked in the manual but I'm not sure about the exact part number for this case. In the parts catalog it gives the number 5TA-15150-00-00 but it references both the right and left case. Any idea if they can be ordered separately or if they have to be ordered together?


They should be a matched set. I am not saying that you could not replace one side though. But I don't know if a dealer can or will sell just one side. Most split case engines are finished machined as an assembly for the crank bearing bores to make sure that they line up perfectly.

I think you have to buy both from the dealer. I kept watch on Ebay and managed to get the left case for something like $30 which was a steal. Usually they go for about $70.

if it was mine (tight arse with very little $$) i'd build the surface up with an AC tig welder the machine it.

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