USD fork conversion possible with a direct swap?

Hello all, I was wondering if it were possible that the front forks from a CR 250 or CRF 450 would be the same diameter and have the same axle size as the BRP so that I could simply swap forks? I am guessing not but thought I would check with you guys first, I did a search but came up dry.

Thanks! :thumbsup:

No way. The diameter of the fork tubes and the axle are way different. I have both bikes and thought about this swap, but got talked out of it. I sold a set of forks, triples and front wheel last week to a guy that's doing this same conversion.

Looking closely at the two bikes and the parts side-by-side, you'll need the CR/ CRF triple clamps and front wheel. You MIGHT be able to find larger diameter bearings to work in your XR wheel, but we didn't make this determiation. You'll have to press your steering stem out of the stock XR bottom triple clamp and into the CRF's. From there it should be a straight swap.

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