XR650R Questions

I have had a 2000 XR650R since March of 2000 and love the bike. I rode an 85 XR600R for 12 years before that so I am used to the weight. I can take it anywhere I want (although I am out of shape now and I do avoid some single trac that might kill me). Coming from a KLR I would suspect this bike would feel very light.

This bike reigns supreme in Moab as well. Check out my website at http://xr650r.net for more info.


Hey Brian. Excellent site. Lots of useful info.

How is your bike in the mud? Is the gearing low enough for some low speed trails? How do you like the headlight? Any mechanical problems one should know about?



The XR650 is a great machine however, in my opinion it is not the bike for tight trails. It is just too big and remember , the thing weights around 290 lbs with fuel etc. I guess more experienced riders than I might be able to take it on single wide trails and more power to them if they can. Now fire roads is another thing. That is all I ride here and it is perfect for that use. Low speed with tight turns can get a little weird due to the weight. The head light is good enough to get you home but If you are going to due serious night riding I would get one of the after market lights that puts out some real light. The bike will work in any condition but the name of the game is throttle control. It doesn’t take much to spin the rear wheel. The rear tire is good but will wear down quick in hard pack conditions such as fire roads (At least here where the roads are clay with stone) Good luck!

Hey all, just a few questions on the XR. How does the bike perform off-road? Is the bike easy to manuver in tight trail situations? How is its low speed capabilities? Headlight decent for night riding?

I will be using it primiarily for trail riding and fire-roads, some water crossings and hopefully even Moab in the near future. I own a 2000 KLR 650, but it is just too heavy. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


So far I haven't seen any answers to your question about mechanical problems. Here goes, the bike needs a hop up kit(intake manifold, jetting, exhaust baffle) to run right. It needs a higher pressure radiator cap and there are several bolts that have to be checked every ride or they may fall out. Some people have had clutch bushing and countershaft seal problems. I have made many mods to my 650R. At 5'10" 180, I am very happy with the overall performance of this bike. The weight has never been a factor but I've been riding four strokes since '93.

Hope this helps,


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Dramus, I have never ridden the 650r in the mud so I can't answer this question. As far as gearing many people including myself alternate between the stock 14 tooth countershaft sprocket and a 13 tooth for tight stuff.

The headlight sucks. Bajadesigns sales an upgrade kit that moves the lens to glass and the bulb to a 55 watt halogen for $32.39. I highly reccomend this. The same assembly will accomidate a 100 watt bulb if you rewind the stator.

As far as mechanical, gtms34 covered it pretty well.


I'm a new owner of a BRP an love it. It does take a little getting used to. These things are just monsters, take it easy and treat her with respect and you'll get home in one piece. Get stupid and don't pay attention and this bike will spank you in a way that only a BRP can. I am finding the tight stuff a little tricky. The BRP has so much bottom end that I find myself working my ass of in the twistey's. Probabily just me though, the BRP and I have not become one yet. It has helped me become one with the earth twice though. I am rapidly ganing respect for this machine. It is not a 250! I've got just over 100 miles on mine so I can't really speak up about mechanical issues. I can tell you this, UNCORK IT! You won't believe the difference. I rode mine once and uncorked it. What a change more bottom end, easier to start. They can be a pain to start until you learn the trick. Mine usually starts on the third or fourth kick now. I have a Quicksilver carb on the way, this should help starting also.

Anyway thats my two cents worth.

Tim H

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