Pro Taper Vs. Renthal Fat Bars

So which one is better? I have always used Pro Tapers, but I'm considering trying the Fat Bars since they are about $40 bucks cheaper. Are the Fat Bars as strong as the Tapers? If they’re going to bend easier, I'll stick with the Pro Tapers. Comments greatly appreciated! :thumbsup:

$40 cheaper? I got my pro tapers for $69 at moto x outlet.

I'd say Pro-Taper all the way, but it's personal preference, in my opinion.

I bought some Pro Taper SE's and they bent on my first get-off. I have to say I am somewhat disappointed in them. My stockers lasted longer. :devil::thumbsup:

Thanks, I'll check out moto x outlet. The cheepest I've seen them has been around $85.00. :thumbsup:

Fell down on both! Both are still strait and on the bikes!

I haven't owned any Pro Tapers, but I have owned two sets of Fatbars. I have had several less than graceful dismounts on both bikes and the bars are still good. Pretty tough aluminum, and I think the Fatso is 1mm thicker at the bend. :thumbsup:

Pro Tapers :cry:

Pro Tapers!!!!!!!!!! :cry:

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