Oil filter - Hi flo part number?

I got some Hi Flo filters from the dealer when I bought my WR450 04 model, but now they are al used up! They were part number HF142's and had "YZF" written on them in pen. I ordered some mail orde rtthe other day for the WR450, and the ones that arrived are HF141's. They look similar, but are not the same, main diff being they are a paper filter, whereas the 142's had a metal gauze showing on the surface, not paper. BUt then, on closer inspection, they are a very slighty different size (length).

Anyone used HF Filters on their WRs? If so are they 141's or 142s? The mail order shop says "they" are right, the dealer says "they" are!!! :thumbsup:


Im looking at my filter now, its a genuine one and is paper. My part number on the box is different though (maybe different in Australia) its 5TA-13440-00


Yeah, sorry HI Flo is a pattern brand, not gen Yamaha. My dealer use them as they are the same and much cheaper!

I know there are other Hi Flo users on here somewhere....??

Yeah, sorry HI Flo is a pattern brand, not gen Yamaha. My dealer use them as they are the same and much cheaper!

I know there are other Hi Flo users on here somewhere....??

I buy mine from here:


Search for oil filters, then you'll need to search for your part #.....it only takes a couple minutes...

I also buy my plugs from here....good price.....

Well, it sounds like they're both right... sorta.

I went to my yam dealer the other day, & bought two YAMAHA oil filters, one for my '04 WR450 (#5TA-13440-00-00) & one for the '02 WR426 (#1UY-13440-02-00). The '04 was a paper filter that had a slightly shorter filter portion, but with thicker endpieces & rubber gaskets on each end, & the '02 filter was a fine brass mesh with a slightly longer filter portion with thinner end-pieces & rubber gaskets. Despite the small differences between the two filters, the overall dimensions appear to be the same (I only held them up to each other, I did'nt actually measure them). The '04 filter also had some sort of secondary filter or screen on the inside that the metal '02 filter did not. My guess is that the filters your dealer gave you are for an '02 YZ/WR & the ones you mail-ordered are for the newer bikes.

From my visual inspection, I'd say that the newer paper filters would certainly filter much finer particles than the older metal ones, but the metal filter would certainly have a much higher flow rate than the paper filter.

I just did my first "post-break-in" oil change this Saturday, so I figured that I'd go ahead & use another paper one, since the engine is still very new. I might swicth to the metal one later, (after the engine has a couple hundered miles on it) so I can clean it a couple of times instead of replacing it every few oil changes. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.


Yep, I reckon you are spot on there Jackazz, the gaskets on the paper ones are thicker and the filter is not as deep!

Weird that they changed them, I will fit one of the paper "WR" 04 versions this weekend, and see if it lasts thru next week!

Now what about the best oil........??? :thumbsup:

...Now what about the best oil...

I'm not qualified to say what's "best", & I certainly don't feel like getting into "the great oil debate" any more than I have allready, but when I got my filters, I found that the YAMALUBE 20/40 was $3.30 at my dealer, & with the 10% off he gave me, it was just under $3/quart, so I realy could'nt complain about it.

God that is Cheap. I paid nearly £5 for a litre of Comp 4!! That's like 9 bucks!!

We get screwed here in the UK!

We get screwed here in the UK!

It's that damn VAT... :thumbsup:

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