Aftermarket Carb kits for 99 YZ 400F?

New to TT. I recently purchased a YZ400F & decided to clean the carb (smart), only problem is I didn't blow it out & my diaphragm pretty much melted (not smart). I never had this problem with outboard motor carbs, but this is not a boat I guess. I ordered a new diaphragm from Yamaha, which was 26 bucks (ouch!), now I found that most the gaskets & O-rings are pretty much fried as well & I don't care to find out how much a carb kit is from yamaha. Anyone out there know of a good place to buy an aftermarket kit? does one even exist? or do I have to go through yamaha? Any help would be great. Thanks, Jason

Check ebay for carbs from the 4xx bikes from Yamaha and Honda. All will be a FCR 39mm carb, depending on the year they are different.

Also Edelbrock sells a carb for the 4xx bikes.

I think I used the wrong wording, I'm really just looking for an aftermarket rebuild/gasket-O-ring kit without having to order each piece individually from Yamaha.

Thank you, Jason

Yamaha, K&L or Sudco would be the companies to go through.

Thanks for the info, I'll check it out.

If you're determined to get an aftermarket carb then look at the Eddlebrock. I ride with YZFan and after loosing all of his hair to trying to get the stock carb to behave, he got the Eddlebrock brand new on Ebay and said it runs 100% better.

hi mate just wondering if you know how to set your mixture screw on a yzf 400f 99 because it's going through spark plugs like theres no tomorrow thanx graham

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