I have a Supertrapp on my '93 XR600R but have no clue which model it is. Anyone have any ideas on serial #s? Also, how many disks to run? I am currently at 12, but am not impressed by it's performance. Anyone tried the Power Core IV on the 600?

One thing I have found true of Supertrapps is that you can't run too many discs.

I have a pro or race series, the kind that tapers all the way to the head pipe. I also have an aftermarket head pipe.

I am not impressed either with the unit. The mounting eye is cracking by the fender. I run 12 disc and have rejetted to a 70/165 jetting to compensate for the air filter mods, pipe and header. Runs really well, but it is loud. Overall the quality just seems like junk and it is loud. The inside is riveted, so you cannot rebuild it without drilling out rivets. Plus in the mud, the disc get packed and start bogging and stalling the bikes. I am most likely going to sell it used and get a ProCircuit T4 unit. May not be any quieter, but should solve the quality and packing with mud issue.

Matt, I see you are in Oregon. Which area are you in? I live just over the river in Camas, WA about 15 minutes from Portland. Have you heard good things about the T4? My buddy has a Power Core IV on his '01 DRZ and it rips, though very loud. Have you tried running more than 12 discs? :)

I had a couple different pipe combos on my XR600.

-stock header w/ White Bros. E-Series pro-meg muffler, 12 discs

-White Bros. stainless header w/ E-Series

-Complete Big Gun system

I liked the E-Series on the stock header the best. Killer low and mid, and really revved out nice compared to the stocker. After putting on the huge White Bros. header, it seemed I lost a tiny, tiny bit of top end power, at the expense of some low and mid...didn't like that at all. The Big Gun was Ok, I just didn't think the bike was as fast with it as it was with the E-Series.

BTW.....I put an R4 on my 650. It came with a manual on installation, dyno chart, etc. In that, White Bros. claims that aftermarket headers really aren't all that great on the 650. They said their header makes a little bit more power way up in the RPM's, while sacrificing the low end and mid-range.

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