Brand new 02 WR426 on ebay!!

its been relisted 3 or 4 times now, it keeps ending without any bids.

I breifly considered calling them and making a offer... but for $1000 bucks more I got a 450 and it hasn't sat in the showroom for nearly 3 years.

I saw that exact bike on the showroom floor at Procycle last weekend when I went to Columbia to pick up my new '04 WR450F. BTW, I think I got a pretty good price on my '04, $5299. Drove up from Atlanta to get it, but definitely worth it.

I bought a new '02 WR426 from a dealer in Dayton in April. Paid $3800 + tax for it.

I spent 2800 on mine, the guy's father in law died right after he bought it and the person didn't know what exactly they were selling. It was pristine, and the odo read 18. Since then I've added some "custom" scratches. :thumbsup:

I got my 426 in January of this year for $4200 still in the crate. I thought that was a good deal and I love the bike. :thumbsup::devil:

Yeah, nothing like unpacking a new toy! It's like Christmas, only better.

Eric F-----Dood, you're a grave robber!! :devil:

Did they throw in some flowers and a bit of cake from the wake??! :thumbsup:

damn chip that was a steal. i bought my YZ450 for 5700 otd. wish i had seen that kind of deal

lol simch, nice. Yeah, he loved that cycle so much, they buried him with it :thumbsup: Now that would be an be buried with a motorcycle. Almost as good as my strike-anywhere cigarette or cellphone stereo-face idea. You know how people are buried with things important to them, well a cycle is to me! Pay for two lots at a cemetary, lol, I wonder if it's ever been done...

thanks squad56. just checked their web site and '04 yz450f is $4999; '05 wr450f is $5899.

ha ha. just saw their very tempting '01 XR650R new for $2999. put on a bajadesigns ds kit and make it into a bad ass adventure tourer.

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