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Sorry - Way, way off topic. Maytag Neptune washer.

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If you for some reason see a used one for sale :D DON'T BUY IT :devil: !!!! We bought one in 98 (front loader Neptune) and paid 1100.00 for it (1100 for a stupid washer, what in the world was I thinking??) and could only put up with it for 3 years!! It had the same problems over & over again and cost us a bundle to fix so we bought a normal (top loader, not Maytag) washer and all is well.

:awww: Just yesterday :lol:.... we got a letter in the mail stating there is a class action law suit going on for anyone buying one between 98 & 04 and that we will be reimburst for the $$ we put out on repairs + get some $$ for the old one or have it repaired.

Paid 1100, put 500 into it, lasted 3-4 years before same problem (for the 3rd time!!!) cropped up again.


1)2 or 3 circuit boards

2) wax door circut control failed twice...load was done but couldn't open the door :D

3) :mad:Pump jammed twice with debri and would not release rince water( had to empty it by hand :lol:).... :D I finally learned from watching how to fix it myself.

4) broke again and :thumbsup: don't even remember what went wrong with it and it's still sitting in our basement yet.

The Maytag man was definitly working overtime for sure with that model! :snore:

After that we stopped getting Consumer Reports as they rated it very high, like #3 out of all of them. Thanks a whole lot CR! :awww:

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We are expecting 4-800. Just have to wait & see.

Next topic..... Best Iron & Starch to use :thumbsup:

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