It ran a week a go

I have a 98 wr 400 that has always started first kick.( I have only had the bike for 2 months) I switched brands of fuels so i drained the tank and have not been able to start it since. I have two boys racing two strokes and I bought this to follow them around the practice track, but have absolutly no clue on where to start here. Any help here would be great. I also did not recieve a manual when I bought it.



Hmm, sounds like your switching fules has caused some trouble. What were the fueles you changed from and to? What is your starting drill as far as choke and kicks? Many times I have stored my bike for a month or more and have found small mamals (rodents in specific) have claimed the air box as their abode and caused many starting a nightmare :) . I recomend checking the air box, draining and refilling the fuel with 93 octane or better, and purging the carb bowl. (loosen and drain the bowl / main jet access bolt) and refill with known good fuel. I actually had a bud whose girl friend sabatoged his dirt bike fuel with water! Took us 2 hours at the riding spot to drain and refill the fuel tank durring the trouble shooting proccess :D . We both said it ran fine last time and started right up before puttering out never to sputter agian untill a full fuel purge! Oh, and for an extra 2/100 of a dollar, I would not wipe my butt with most owner manuals, but the factory WR manual is worth its weight in Chilton manual covers with pretty color picts! Its a good book and probably the first manual I have read cover to cover! GET ONE! Read the oil checking drill and carb tunning section for some enlightment.

My 98 WR is very sensitive to fuel also. I have had no trouble when switching fuel brands as I often do depending on where I am riding but I have noticed that if I let it sit for any period of time, a month or so, I sometimes have to drain the float bowl and get some fresher gas out of the tank into the carb before it will fire. Good Luck!!

Check to see if you get a spark. It might just be coincidence and not related at all to fuel. This is from experience with my 99.

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