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OT: First race report...

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Believe it or not, I did my first race Friday night. There's a local arenacross event most every Friday night during the summer just over the mountain from my house.

I entered the sportsman class. I guess any bike/age will due, but you can't take any obstacle the entire distance i.e. you have to land both wheels on the table rather than on the landing, you can't take the double - you must roll/flat-land in the middle/etcetera, both wheels must touch every whoop. They build speed contraints into the format for the "old" guys that want to get to work on Monday.

Anyway, in terms of simply lap times, I know I can hang with any of the guys that ran that night, but starting is a whole nuther issue :devil:. I was the last guy (of 6) out of the concrete/gate both motos, but I finished mid pack simply by virtue of guys falling and bikes dying, etc. I may have passed a guy in the whoops to take 3rd in the first moto - it was very close and I never saw the results. I was a few seconds off the #1 and #2 riders in the second moto - passed two guys (one just pooped out) and passed a dead bike.

I for one can tell you that roost from a nicely prep'd track really isn't that big a deal. :awww:

Anyway, I'm not the "out for blood" type so I took a lot in and enjoyed myself. Most of all, I felt very in control both motos and that'll score points with respect to the wife allowing it again.

All in all it was fun and just staying upright on the bike gained me spots in each moto :lol:. I was very nervous at the start of the first moto, but once it was done, I was way calmed down.

Kinda funny... the track is so short and the motos are so short that I never even put fuel since the start of my Thursday night practice.

Met some fun folks and I'll do the last race of the year this coming Friday. If I can learn to start on conc I may even run 35+ B next year - very doable jumps and some of same folks run in both classes. Now I'm off to the TT search page - concrete starts. :thumbsup:

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Yep... 3rd overall (#52):


#72 – Bill Clemson

#73 – The Duffinator

#52 – Erik Spielvogel

#211 – Mark Goodman

#14 – Doug Jensen

#81 – Rocky Emerson


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