Edelbrock Qwiksilver First Ride impression on XR650R

Took the bike out for the first ride since installing the new carb. My initial impressions are:

The bike starts much easier! The carb does not come with a choke. It comes with an enrichener, but the instructions say on the pumper series it may hardly ever be needed. Just blip the throttle twice, (to squirt some gas in the venturi of the carb), find top dead center and kick. It started first or second kick every time.

Off idle. There is no more off idle hesitation. No matter how hard I hit the throttle, the bike responded. The low to midrange in my opinion is stronger. In fact in a couple different situations the front end was coming off the ground where before I could keep it on the ground. Everywhere in the rpm range the throttle is very responsive.

Does it make a big difference on the top end? My seat of the pants opinion is that the difference is not that much on the top end. The stock carb when properly jetted works well on the top end and so does this carb.

Would I recommend it? For the occasional rider that takes the BRP out twice a year probably not. That type of a rider probably hasn’t uncorked the BRP either. (By the way, the carb requires the non-epa intake manifold.) For the rider who is looking for that little extra edge, I would definitely recommend this carb. In light of some of the bad press regarding Edelbrock’s older carbs, I was a little apprehensive about trying this carb, but after talking to the guys at Edelbrock, they convinced me that this new one was done right and I am glad they did.

If you have any questions fill free to email me at brian@xr650r.net and stay tuned for a more in depth review at www.xr650r.net



Thanks for the report. I've been on the fence about pumper carbs. I'm finally getting back to speed and the stock carb doesn't like G-outs and high speed rough stuff. Yesterday I about went OTB twice when the pig backfired through the intake.

Keep us updated,


Yes yes more more! Go ride Brian. I too am getting leary of having my genitals performing impact tests against the bars on g-outs . I'm also courious as to whether this will eliminate the 10 minute starting hassle when the old girl goes down too. I was having very similar problems on my old 93 xr600. I went to a mikuni flat side and it really woke that bike up. Get a divorce. Quit your job. Leave your friends if you have to. Ride Brian Ride

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I will try and get out for another ride asap. In the mean time, I can tell you that it runs very well through the woops as the carb has a and I quote from their website "Internal fuel cell and anti-slosh plate ensures consistent fuel delivery and performance in extreme conditions"

It works as I noticed non of the hesitation and inconsistant power through the rough stuff.

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