Trim the fork stops for tighter turns on tight trails?

In tight trails it seems my WR450 could use a little shorter fork stops. Has anyone trimmed them a bit to allow tighter turns? It looks like there is a little room on the left side for the forks to turn tighter but I'll have to move the little black box to get it to turn tighter to the right. It's not much but every bit would help. I'm assuming interference would be the only concern.

Any thoughts on this? :thumbsup:

you should try a ktm they dont turn far at all its a pain in the butt turning them around in a tight space. Could you grind some off the steering stops?

Learn to steer more with wheel spin and brakes. :thumbsup:

I wouldnt recommend trimming the fork stops, as they could break if you fall, damaging the radiators

especially useful for turning in tight trails is leveling the bike on rear wheel and easily turning it in any direction, but for the bike lift you need hell of a strong arms and self balance

Just raise your fork tubes 15mm in the triple clamps and you have a great turning bike! Steering dampner really comes in handy on high speed trails when you make it turn better. :thumbsup:

not sure about the 450, but the 426 wouldnt have cdi clearance.

to make it turn tighter pull in the clutch, gas it up, tur the bars and dump the clutch :thumbsup:


Try tipping the bike over further and rolling it around on the edge of the tire. As mentioned, controlled wheel spin can be used to bring the back end around. Depending on your inseam, sometimes jumping off the bike and clutching it around is easier.

Ride fast - take chances,


Just grind em right off for bar spins!

How bout a 20 inch front wheel to help on the tight stuff?

Bad idea do not remove your limit tabs on the lower triple clamp! :thumbsup:

With all due respect, my '04 450 is the best turning bike that I've had since my '83 CR480, but without the headshake. :thumbsup: It really is amazing how well these things turn for a big bike. In tight woods, just use compression braking or a bit of rear brake to set up for the turn if a tree prevents you from leaning the bike over. Otherwise push down on the inside grip, and I use a little push of the outside knee on the tank. Just a little though, as the new WRs turn like a dream.

the 450 doesn't have clearance, I bent my steering stop in a crash and the fork was hitting the box, I had to re-weld the stop so it wouldn't crush the box

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