Crank seal replacement????

hi i have a 1991 honda cr125 and this bike is notorious for having a bad left crank seal. i have everything(flywheel puller, the seal, service manual) and i need some advice if any of you have had this bike(if you have switched from 2 to 4) and done this repair or anyone who has done a left crank seal. the manual helps but is vaigue on exactaly what i have to remove in order th get to the seal.and will the timing need to be reset? i dont want to make anyone mad by asking for info at a 4 stroke board while i ride a 2 smoke. just to let you know. thanks!!

Way back in 91 I did a cr500 and it was pretty straightforward like the manual states. I shot everything with liquid wrench a day or so before popping the flywheel/ mag rotor. The Cr is noted for gathering moisture down there and getting rusty behind the flywheel. The seal was just a pop and lube replacement if I remember correctly. Clean the crankshaft with fine emery. The timing is factory set. It can be modified with a timing light and you file the mounting hole to move the pickup but I doubt you would want to do that.

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