XR650R Pictures

Does anyone know of a good source for pictures of Summers or Campbell or any desert racing on the XR? Even good static pictures of the 650. I want to make a screen saver. I have found a couple from XR650R.net and I pulled a couple from the online brochure at Honda. Any cool desert pics would be greatly appreciated. :)

Here's a few...



There's also this guy Johnny Airtime who has some excellent pics of his Kool XR650R and he's been updating his web site lately so he may have some hot new pics coming soon. This guy appears to be a Very Serious & Experienced rider from the looks of his pics.


Here's an awesome pic of him jumping his CR500. You'll see why the Airtime handle fits him very well in this pic :)


Thank you! Those are great! :)

Cool pictures of the Turbo!!! I wish I could read about it! :)

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