Front sprocket from 426 or 98 400f should fit my 99 right ?

was wondering if a sprocket for a 426 or a 98 400f will fit my 99 still I think they should but just a little unsure since they are listed differently ?

I have a new Renthal front sprocket package and it says

YZ400/426/450 1999-2003 (fits my '04 too), so they all should be interchangeable even though '98 is not listed either. An aftermarket catalogue also lists the same part number for WR/YZF 400-450 98-04, as well as YZ 2-smoke 250 99-04. On the other hand WR/YZF 250 01-04 has a different parts number than the big thumpers.

Front yes.

Rear, no. In 1999-present they changed the rear sprocket bolt pattern and size with the new hub.

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