Hiccup in my throttle???

I was working on a friend of mines 98 WR 400, trying to get the hiccup out of his carb, when I noticed that my 01 WR(YR :))426 is doing the same thing, but not as bad. If I give it full throttle, from idle, while in netural, it will die. It doesn't give me ANY problems when I'm riding? Any ideas?

The plug is fine and I'm using good gas. I bought the bike in April new???



2001 YR 426, YZ# Plate, YZ Fender, YZ pipe, YZ Tank, SDG YZ Seat, 13/50 Gearing, Pro-Taper Bars, TAG Triple Clamp, Moose Handguards, Maier Frameguards, Throttle Stop Trimmed, Air Box Lid Removed

Sounds normal to me. The accel pump is squirting enough gas to stall it w/o a load on the bike. If there's no rideability problems, do not worry about it. These things are not 2 smokers!


'00 WR400, YZ timed, YZ pipe w/ WB Ti Tapered Header, MX-Tech forks, Acerbis YZ plastic, Stock YZ tank, Scotts Damper, TAG T5 Cr Double High w/ stock reversed clamp risers, Maier Woods Pro handguards, Topeak Panoram, Hebo juice clutch, Fastline's Fr. and Rr, Gold Talon Hubs and sprocket, Gold Excel rims w/ Bulldog spokes, Michelin S12 Fr/D755 rr tires, Guts soft foam with One Industries graphics/grippy seat cover, Grey wire cut with switch,

Jetting EKN#4, 170MJ, 48PJ,#100 MAJ, Kouba Fuel Screw adjuster (Thanks to Bill :) ), WB airfilter,Acerbis Fr Disc Guard, Heated grips, Devol Radiator Guards, Moose skid plate, Fredette chain guide, 13/49 gearing, DID X-ring, odo/cable/coolant res removed, Water-wetter, and last but not least Mike68 "custom" hefe-weisen stickers :D

My 99 WR started doing that after I did the Throttle Stop Mod. It will hick-up when I start it for the first time of the day, and goes away after it gets warm. Subsiquently it doesn't do it anymore during the day even when it has been shut down for an hour or two.

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