XR 17" tires

I've been looking to replace my tire on my XR500. It has a 17" wheel.

Here's what I found for tires.

Bridgestone 5.10-17 M22 Hard Terrain

Kenda 130/90-17 K-760 Trakmaster II Soft Terrain

Kenda 4.60 or 5.10-17 K257D Interm-Hard

Cheng Shin 5.60-17 C760 Hard Terrain

Cheng Shin 5.30-17 C755 Inter-Hard Terrain

I've gone through a number of Cheng Shin tires both the C760 and C755. I was wondering if the Kenda or Bridgestone are a better tire??

I see there's a few Enduro tires available from Dunlop, Metzeler, and IRC but I don't see them being a viable solution. I ride in Colorado mostly and sometimes Montana.

I used to buy this kick ass Dunlop for my XR500, I believe it was the K190. Not sure if they make it anymore. Bridgestone is a better quality tire than Kenda. Just out of curiousity, why don't you want to use an IRC?

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I used to have an 83 XT200 Yamaha that had a 17" rear wheel and eventually mounted an IRC VE33 Volcanduro, it was awesome. Traction was never an issue and it lasted over 2000 trail miles! Granted it was a low HP bike, but the tire performed remarkably well. This tire is still made and is available from most magazine and mail order companies.

Originally posted by RedThunder:

I used to buy this kick ass Dunlop for my XR500, I believe it was the K190. Not sure if they make it anymore...

Now that brings back some good memories. I used to use the K190's on my bikes back in the 80's. They were excellent tires. I also remember using Teraflex rear tires with the large knobbies as well. I don't know if these tires are made anymore, but I'd buy them again if they were. Most likely they are now replaced with improved versions. I'm just getting back into riding after being away from it for 15+ years, so I'm still learning what product offerings are now available, but Dunlop was always one of my favorites for rear tires.

I did look at the IRC Enduro 5.10x17 VE33. I thought it was a dual sport. I guess it's not. I don't know much about IRC. Are they good stuff??

The only Dunlop I see for a 17" rear is the Enduro D903 DOT approved. It's a 140/80-17 and 20% on road 80% off road rated. I wouldn't know what to expect from a DOT tire.

I found a Pirelli MT21 130/90R17. It's a DOT 10% on 90% off road rated. Anyone ever run a Pirelli??

I've narrowed it to a Bridgestone M22, IRC Enduro VE33, and possibly the Pirelli.

How does Bridgestone compare to Cheng Shin??

Out of the tires you've mentioned there, its a toss up between the IRC and the Bridgestone. I wouldn't even consider a DOT tire, no matter how aggressive it is.

So, which one, the IRC or Bridgestone? Depends on what you ride. If you ride in a lot of hard terrain or dry, the Bridgestone is a better choice. Wears better, and the tread pattern is more suited for that. If you do any mud riding, the IRC is better. It wears out faster than the Bridgestone, but hooks up better in soft stuff.

yo Kahn I ride a XR600RF'85 model over a variety of terrain Rocks,Logs,Rivers,Mud etc and have found the Michelin Desert an excellent tire.Allthough a little expensive they represent good wearing + traction (my bike will rip chunks of tarmac from the road). They also make a Baja model. I have used cheap cheng before but I found that they dont like the HORSEPOWER!

Oz_Trail_Ya, Cool. Thanks for the feedback. I'll take a look at the Michelin. I know what you mean about the Cheap Cheng not taking the power. I've done a bunch of motor updates to my 83' XR500R and it seems to chew them up in a few rides.

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