XR650 aftermarket tanks

I wouldn't mind a little narrower tank on my 650, and I've heard some aftermarket tanks are narrower. However, the ones I've seen look like they're way to tall in front, making it hard to get forward in turns. Anybody using a different tank on their 650? How do you like it?


I have both IMS tanks and I tried and sold the Clarke. The IMS tanks are about 1/4" narrower at the seat but they are tall. The best tank for getting forward is the stocker.

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When you say both IMS tanks - what are the sizes?

3.2 & ?

I kinda figured the IMS would be the most narrow, since its the smallest of the aftermarket tanks that I know of. Ok, so its about 1/4" narrower on each side, have any idea how much taller it is at the gas cap?

Thanks for the replies.

I think the IMS 3.2 gallon tank will be your best bet if you want thinner.

The next best is the Clarke 4.3 gallon tank which is about the same width as the stock tank only taller so you won't be able to slide as far forward.

Thanks guys. Looks like I'll be sticking with the stock tank. I am gonna try and change the bar position a little bit (Pro-Taper universal bar clamps, Pro Taper CR-Hi's), and get some stiffer springs.

Just little things to make the beast handle a little better. :)

I found some information that might help a little more than gas tank mods for handling. This might be worth looking into.

5. Move Bars Forward:

The desert racing pedigree of the red stallion has produced handlebar mounts that are set well back – great at 180km/h through wide open desert plains, but not really suited to the trail. Moving the bars forward will give you more room in the cockpit and better handling through the tighter stuff. To achieve this, Ballard’s replace the stock triple clamp with an aftermarket Applied top triple clamp. The new clamp lifts the bars off the rider’s knees, making the bike easier to turn. Swap the steel bars for a high bend set of aftermarket bars while you’re at it.

Part Price

Applied top triple clamp$199

Applied bar mounts $109

Aftermarket bars $100-$300

It was on a web site that was shown to me.



Originally posted by tshea:

I found some information...Move Bars Forward...

Another less expensive alternative that I've heard people are very happy with is using Thumper Racing's Bar Risers which not only elevates the bars, but also moves them forward too.

Baja Designs sells them for $89 at the following link...

http://www.bajadesigns.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=Ba ja-D-2000&Product_Code=265


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$125.00 US will do.

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The other IMS tank is 4.6 gallon.


The IMS 3.2 is 1/4" narrower overall not 1/4" on both sides. I have found the stock tank to be the best for MX handling.

P.S. if anyone is interested I want to sell the IMS 4.6 gallon tank. It's red, used 3 times, great condition.


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Originally posted by gtms34:

..P.S. if anyone is interested I want to sell the IMS 4.6 gallon tank. It's red, use 3 times, great condition. Kevin

Kevin, I'm going to get the 3.2 gallon tank, but a friend of mine may be interested in your 4.6 tank. How much do you want for it?

Where can I locate information on the IMS tanks?


Originally posted by largethump:

Where can I locate information on the IMS tanks? Thanks


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